Fashion Extravaganza

Rajasthan Fashion Week (RFW), a four day rich extravagant event is all about explosion of colours, cutting-edge designs with a dash of glamour at the heritage city of Jaipur. It is aimed at bringing forth the elegance and class of fashion in today’s world by showcasing a royal fashion experience with designer outfits through top models and celebrities as showstoppers.

Mr. Sharad Patel with the team force of experts in the fashion industry has successfully completed two seasons of Rajasthan Fashion Week and the story of its success will continue in the next seasons and other fashion ventures.


videos of fashion week

Rajasthan Fasion Week Day 1
"Exclusive coverage by Zoom TV"
Rajasthan Fasion Week Day 2
"Exclusive coverage by Zoom TV"
Rajasthan Fasion Week Day 3
"Exclusive coverage by Zoom TV"

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